Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How 2 People Can be the Same Mii on Mario Kart

If two people both want to be Luigi on Mario Kart, here is what you do.

1--The first person clicks on Luigi and then goes back (press 1) and moves your cursor to the edge of the screen (be sure not to be on any specific character).  Then the other person clicks on Luigi and then they go back (press 1).  Player 2 moves their cursor (the pointer) off the tv screen.  

2--The first player than goes back to the previous title screen again by pressing 1.  Then the first player clicks on 2 to move to the character screen.  Both players should now be showing as Luigi.  Both players select ok and continue.  

This works when your wii remote is turned sideways.
On Mario Kart (my mom's favorite game), there is a shortcut on Maple Treeway.  On the right, near the beginning, you will see a hole.  Go in.  It will slow you down and will drop you to 6th place.  But take it because the power block will give you a good power and then you will get to first place.

My favorite levels are Rainbow Road, Mario Circuit, and Luigi Circuit.  I like to be my own mii and ride the bullet car (your mii has to be short like a kid to use the bullet).

Friday, August 19, 2011

Xbox 360--Games or TV

An Xbox Kinect let's you play games. If you aren't on Xbox Live you don't get Netflix. I use the Xbox more to watch Netflix than I do to play games.

Xbox 360 Drum Surprise Tip

The drums and guitar from Rock Band work as regular controllers on most games. We only have 2 controllers and three kids that like to play games. So, the third kid uses the drums to play. You can use the D-pad or the drums to move.