Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for Nintendo DS

If you get all three fairies you get to go on the ghost ship and you can get the phantom sword. You can also get a cannon from Cannon Island. When you go to the temple on Mercay Island a second time, you have to draw something you draw an hourglass. I have only gotten two fairies.  I am working on the yellow fairy in the Sun Temple.

Do you like to play Zelda?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lego Harry Potter Cheats

I get these cheats from a cheat book--Cheat Code Explosion.  First I will do spells.

  • Accio  ve9vv7
  • glacius era9dr
  • flipendo nd2l7w

If you have enough money you could by Avada Kedavra.  You have to be a witch or a wizard character to use a spell (not a ghost).  So I like to be Harry or Ron.  My brother is the mouse, so he cannot do spells.

What is your favorite character?

Monday, March 12, 2012

3 Kid Favorite Apps for Vacation

Most of these games are free.

My favorite app games is Tap Zoo. This game is about you taking care of your animals.
Also a good game is Tap Zoo 2 it is the same as Tap Zoo but you can get more land.  You have to unlock the land by doing assignments like cross breeding animals or mixing animals.  I really liked making a T-Rex animal.

Another really good game is Infinity Blade  it's a game where you sword fight.  If you win, you earn fake money and you can buy better swords, helmets, protection gear.  The best sword that I love is infinity blade.  You can put the infinity blade into a capsule and it will open three doors with really hard guys to defeat.

My little brother likes Where's My Water. You have to get your water to the good crocodiles kind of like a maze.  Some levels are hard but lots of levels are easy.

What app do you like on vacation?

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mario Kart vs Mario Party 8--Which is Better

Mario Kart is one one of my favorite games because you can get lots of character that you know (including your mii).  Also, I like that you can use a nunchuck or steering wheel.    

My most favorite game is Mario Party 8!!!!  You earn cards and then you use those to buy stuff at the tent.  I like to buy stuff.  I also like this game because there is a star battle.  If you get all the levels, you then to get to try to beat Hammer Bro and Blooper.  I did not have to use a cheat, I just beat Hammer Bro.  You can play Star Tent or Party Tent.

Both games can have 1-4 players.

What is your favorite Mario game?