Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cool Seeds for Minecraft

Hey guys I'm back with some Minecraft seeds if you have it.  First I'm doing pc then pocket edition then xbox. Here you go: first this is complicated for pc so look closely 18227252585264349741. This one has one temple with something in it  that i have no idea about it might have the skeleton king that you defeat. I don't have the pc version so don't  ask me why. Also it has a npc village that have sand houses so gravity shouldn't be on your side. Two: pocket edition. I am going to mix it up a bit 0.11 it has gold diamond and iron right under where you spawn. I'm going to try this one later today. Two more to go. Three: pocket again. Next I'll do xbox ssss is the seed this time it has this iron that I like to play with. I made a house that is pretty easy to make but it was kind of hard but it's still a great seed iron.  Actually, I love it. It's a great seed. Four: xbox time. The seed is TREES! the ! mark is part of it great mushroom biome the island is shaped like an x. Five: 4202539397866717059 thats it the seed xbox by the way it has an end portal outside the nether lava pit and water fall thingy to find the end portal you go through this cave near were you re-spawn. Thats all for today, bye.


  1. cool dude you helped me out hope to see some more byee


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  6. I will blend it up somewhat 0.11 it has gold precious stone and iron right under where you bring forth. I will attempt this Animated Explainer Video Services one sometime in the afternoon. Two more to go.