Saturday, August 3, 2013

iPad mini vs Kindle Fire

Hey it's the real Stayman live, coming at you through the window. You know, the other guy, the oldest? Any-who I will be reviewing the Kindle Fire V.S. the iPad mini.

The iPad Mini

    The iPad mini, is a product made from Apple to make there iPad smaller. The iPad mini is 5.3 inches in width (smaller side), 7.87 inches in length, and 0.28 inches or 7.2 millimeters in height. The iPad Mini is available with 16, 32, 64 GB of internal flash memory, with no expansion option. It has a 10-hour battery life. Well thats about all I know about the iPad mini, For Now...

The Kindle Fire
    The Kindle Fire, is a product made by trying to make a great tablet to rival the iPad. The Kindle Fire has 2 versions, the 7 inch and the 8.9 inch. It's width on the smaller side is 5.4 inches, actual length for the 7 inch version is 7.6, 8.9 inches for the 8.9 version, and almost double the height of the iPad mini at a total of 0.4 inches or 10.2 millimeters. The Kindle Fire 7 inch version is available with 16 and 32 GB of memory, and 8.9 version is available with 32 and 64 GB of memory. The Kindle Fire 7 inch version will last for 2 hours fully charged, the 8.9 inch version will last for about 10 hours if not playing it the whole time.

The Comparison

    Believe it or not but the Kindle Fire actually has more pixels (1280 x 800px version 7 inches, 1920 x 1200px version 8.9 inches) than the iPad mini (1024 x 768px). The iPad mini is a lot easier to find apps than the Kindle Fire. The 8.9 inch version really challenges the iPad mini because they both have 64 GB at most and they both have a 10-hour battery life. The iPad mini also was built so if you use its smart case it will shut its self off automatically if you close the cover, and will turn on automatically if you flip the cover back, The Kindle fire doesn't have that ability.

Personally I like the iPad mini much better than the Kindle Fire, but that's only my opinion. What is your favorite? Stayman signing out.


  1. good job my favorite tablet is 8.7 kindle because that's what i own so i love the kindle

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