Monday, August 12, 2013

Top 5 Mario games

Welcome back my peeps today I am going to show you what my top 5 Mario games are (for my opinion). Enjoy!

5--  Super Mario galaxy many of you have played this I like it but its not my favorite i haven't defeated the game but I do know that there is a surprise if you do.
4-- Super Mario bros. DS I like this game it is pretty fun I have defeated this game no surprise if you do defeat the game.
3-- Super Mario bros. (the original) this game is fun with all the levels and worlds and there are plenty of one ups.
2-- Super Smash Bros. Brawl This game is a very good game its pretty cheap and lots of lots of fun its a game were you battle through many stages and defeating plenty of bosses this game is fun.
1-- Super Mario 64 this game is fun chalenging and for the Nintendo 64. I am not going to talk about this beacause I have a video for you about the game


  1. I am a Mario fan- in fact,i have not played a single Ninty game that didn't have Mario in it (i will be borrowing my friend's Skyward Sword, though).I give this game a 10/10.However,i did not like the observatory- for the 3D Mario Wii U game,i do hope it is open-world,like Sunshine,with a small city that you could explore.and i definitely want to be able to have a multiplayer with the other player as Luigi- when the second GamePad is in stores.
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