Sunday, November 24, 2013

minecraft pc multiplayer ip adrress

Hey guys what's up. I am back with some thing new well sorta new its minecraft only its not the one that you play on a iphone or android or any apple product. This one is the one you play on the computer only one condition it needs java. Well you log on to it and see the title screen and you see singleplayer and multiplayer click on multiplayer and you see a screen that will hold every server that you can join. Well you see the ad server some where on it click it and you will see a screen that says name and ip address. The name  you can name it what ever you like,like chicken or thegamingserver. Well  after you name it go to the ip address and you half to do a spacific name. Thats what i am here to tell you the name of some of my favorites. Here you go!




There you guys go tell me some servers and tell me what is your favorite server.


  1. Thanks a lot! Here is what you have missed at school while playing Minecraft.

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