Thursday, July 10, 2014

McDonalds MarioKart 8 Toys

Hey guys I am back with another post. Today's post is going to be a little bit different. Instead of a game its going to be game toys. The game is the new MarioKart 8. The toys are in a happy meal at McDonalds. Most of the toys I like. Some of them just don't work like Yoshi. He doesn't stay up when you push him. He fell down after a few inches. He was so bad I asked if I could trade him and showed the worker that he didn't work.  But they wouldn't trade him.  My mom bought me a new toy and gave Yoshi to my three-year-old brother. I wouldn't get a motorcycle if I were you which means don't get Peach either. The rest are fine.

Personally my favorite is Luigi. He's just my favorite character in MarioKart so I am hoping he is also going to be good in MarioKart 8. Who's your favorite McDonalds MarioKart 8  toy? :)


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  9. Since childhood I love Mc donalds and especially the kids meal with toys .still I am 24 and love those toys. they are the best toys in the world like i love Paykwik Al