Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Minecraft Cats + Dogs army (dramatic music)

Hi guys its me again I would like to do yet another minecraft post. Before we get started make sure to leave a comment down below tell me what game I should do and I will check it out and see, but anyways lets get started. There is some cool things that Jeb ( the creator of minecraft) added and some old things that he added. The new one is dogs chase skeletons and the skeletons run and when they're running they can't shoot you so getting a dog is useful.

Have creepers ever been so annoying? Well cats can fix that!!! just have a cat around and they will chase those creepers away! Now you don't have to worry about those pesky creepers, just get a cat.

So what I did on minecraft is I got 2 cats and kept on breeding them until I had a army of cats. I also did it with dogs. I got them together and made a Cat and Dog army and ruled the earth thingy on minecraft. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! And now you can too.

Tell me, if you have minecraft, what you think of the army? Try it for yourself. :D

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