Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Now you can play minecraft!!!

Hay guys I am back with some good news! If you guys have never played minecraft pc edition and you want to play it click here to go to it. It cost $27.00. You will also need a computer that can run java it should ask you to download the java. There is also a demo but its only single player and it is timed.

I love minecraft pc edition because it has so much to do: make buildings, make friends (by friends I mean animal friends), kill animals, mine, kill zombies creepers and skeltons, beat the ender dragon, kill the wither, make a beacon, get diamonds, make armor, cook meat, get a dog and cat army, and, of course, rule the world--mwhahahahahahaha. I mean what???

I think I have said enough I'll leave the playing to you.

If you get minecraft or already have it make sure to comment to tell me how it is. :)

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